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One thought on “Feedback and Comments”

  1. I have found it fascinating to take an initial browse through the STN database, and I will look forward to exploring it more over the coming months. This is a fantastically rich research tool, bringing up an astonishing amount of detailed information across the whole range of late eighteenth-century print culture. It will surely become established as a valuable point of reference for just about everyone with an interest in the period, and it is hard to think of a more signal service which might be made to current eighteenth-century scholarship relating to France — what a terrific result for the project team after several years of work preparing it. Looking up a couple of my own research interests, I was gratified to see, among other things, how extensively the Neuchâtel-born Paris banker Jean-Frédéric Perregaux’s role as an agent in the STN network can be traced; and the transnational complexion of Swiss business interests emerges more clearly than ever through this database. Also, I was also very interested to find that translations of works by prominent British writers such as Frances Burney and Laurence Sterne are well represented, as are the works of other figures with notable cross-Channel profiles such as Jean Jacques Rutledge and Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni. Indeed, as well as allowing a fully-documented reappraisal of aspects of recent historiography on the cultural origins of the French Revolution, it seems likely that a further major and long-term contribution of this database will be to literary scholarship.

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