FBTEE 2.0 – ARC award

We are pleased to announce that the FBTEE project has received a major award in the Australian Research Council’s 2016 Discovery Project round, the results of which were announced today. We are grateful to the ARC and Western Sydney University for their support of this project.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be overhauling our website to reveal all that we have been doing with the project over the last three years at Western Sydney, as well as details of the new datasets we hope to publish over the next two to three years.

When we published FBTEE-1.0 in 2012, the FBTEE database contained data on around 450,000 copies of 3,600 works. The work conducted over the last three years has added data on around 3,500,000 copies of several thousand more, and by the end of 2017 we hope to have added data on at least 1,500,000 more.

So watch this space as we search for the forgotten bestsellers of pre-revolutionary France


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