FBTEE: the Vital Statistics

We’re preparing for various announcements over the next couple of weeks at the UWS FBTEE headquarters. So while we are waiting we have decided to release some FBTEE use statistics. According to my friends at google analytics, the FBTEE database has now had 6,553 unique visitors notch up 8,807 visits since going live on 25 June 2012. Altogether those visitors have notched up an astonishing 44,657 page views. So, even allowing for a few confused teenage bogans on random hunts for images of dogs on skateboards (there are none here, my friends); or the odd zombie web-crawler; or my daughter showing her friends my ‘dotty maps’, that suggests a fair bit of traffic and some serious in-depth research on the site. In the same period, the project website has notched up 4,058 unique visitors making 6,086 visits, but then it has been around for a little longer. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I rather love my statistics and tables. This is rather unusual in a historian of my generation, but it is probably also why I dreamed up the ‘French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe’ project in the first place. Happy number crunching – Simon


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