Database update

Following feedback from other scholars, and a few slips we found ourselves, Vincent and I have made several amendments in the database. We would particularly like to thank Robert Darnton and David W. Smith for their invaluable input towards these changes. The only changes that may impact upon searches in this new ‘public database version 1.1’ are:


1. Robert Darnton has identified our fourth best seller, the ‘Memoire apologetique des Genevois’ as the ‘Pièces importantes à la dernière revolution de Genève’, a known STN commissioned edition. Categorisation remains unchanged.

2. Information supplied by David Smith has allowed us to identify some of the editions of Graffigny’s ‘Lettres d’une Peruvienne’, so there have been some modifications to edition types there as a result.

3. Author and translator details have been added to ‘Intolerance ecclesiastique’. The translator of the related, stand alone edition of ‘Vilhelmine’ has also been added.

4. Crillon’s ‘Memoires philosophiques’ has now been tagged as a ‘Work of Religiosity’.

5. The right Helvetius (Jean-Adrien) is now credited with the authorship of the Traite des maladies.


The FBTEE database remains a collaborative work in progress, so we welcome further clarifications and corrections to our data.


2 thoughts on “Database update”

  1. I am an italian researcher of French Revolution from Trieste. I started to follow your site some days ago. I read Darnton’s books some years ago and I hoped someone made a work like that one you are doing here. I think your choises about database are very good. I would like to help. For this reason I hope to not bother you giving a small contribute to your wonderful work. Checking the professions of people who traded with STN, I noticed Nyon le jeune’s profession is undetermined. Pierre-Michel Nyon, imprimeur-libraire de Paris between 1773 & 1803 used to sign as Nyon le jeune. See also Mellot, Queval, Monaque, , Paris, 2004.
    Best regards,
    Marco Marin.

    1. Hi Marco. Sorry I missed this posting originally – something to do with a 40 ton truck turning up to take all my family’s worldly goods the very day you posted. Just to let you know that we value your feedback and will update it in the database in due course. We did identify a number of booksellers from non-standard sources, so this is not inconsistent with our practice. The original professions were taken from the Bibliotheque publique et universitaire de Neuchatel’s splendid typescript list of correspondents (MS 1000A), but for clients added from later sources we added reliable data from where we found it. For data integrity reasons, therefore, we decided to allow users to choose to search only correspondents drawn from the MS 1000A list. Thanks and best wishes, Simon.

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