Journal of Digital Humanities / How Swiss was the STN?

Like London buses, the long awaited reviews of the FBTEE database are beginning to arrive. The latest appeared in the Journal of Digital Humanities, vol. 1 no. 3, published on line on 4 October, which includes fascinating overviews, reviews and case studies of several leading DH projects. The FBTEE database as among them. A thoughtful and helpful review by Sean Takats offers food for thought going forward and it is pleasing to see that some of its main suggestions are already being attended to – for example, Vincent Hiribarren has already been working on an API for some time. The issue also contains an overview of the project here and a case study in which Simon Burrows and Mark Curran ask ‘How Swiss was the STN?’. This tackles one of the major conceptual problems in interpreting our data set, and indeed the eighteenth-century book trade. It also showcases the value of digital humanities approaches to answering the question. Required reading, perhaps, for visitors to this blog.


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