Meaningless milestones…

On 25 July, one month after its public launch, the STN database was pleased to welcome its 1000th new visitor.

Time, perhaps, to emulate Bart Simpson at the start of his show’s 100th episode, and write out fifty times, ‘I must not celebrate meaningless milestones!’



2 thoughts on “Meaningless milestones…”

  1. Time perhaps not to display such mean spiritedness! French Enlightenment book trade is not exactly a frontpage issue on the tabloids. Popularity does not equate with quality and value despite some possible relationships between them.

    1. Thanks for such a generous comment, Jean-Claude. Like most academics, I suspect, I would settle for my projects being thought useful. And as I believe the French Book Trade project to be the most useful (and I hope high quality) intellectual project that I have been involved with, it is always gratifying to be told as much. Sadly, despite a mildly salacious press-release, the project has not so far proved as tabloid-worthy as some of my previous work (on pornographic pamphlets concerning Marie-Antoinette or cross-dressing eighteenth-century French diplomats, for example). But the popularity of the database among our peers more than compensates.

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